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Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away
I've got to
Get away

From the pain that you drive
into the heart of me

The "love" we share
Seems to go
And I've lost my light
For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

Once I ran to you
Now I run from you

This tainted love you've given
I give you all a girl could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all

You don't really want any more from me
To make things right
You need someone to hold you tight
And you think love is to pray
But I'm sorry I don't pray that way

Don't touch me please
I cannot stand the way you tease
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<1187 para ser exactos.No me dí cuenta de que tendría que haber contado el año pasado cuando alcancé los cien fandoms (supongo que hasta que sospeche haber llegado a los 200, si verdaderamente pasa, me abstendré de molestarme en contar otra vez) e incluso casi me pasé este año, con 223.Aclaro que no todo lo que subí en este journal lo escribí este año pero sí 3/4 de ello or so.Ni idea de cuántas palabras, aparte de la Nano de 50.000.Mucho de lo que estoy contando son drabbles o one-shoots de entre cien y quinientas palabras a lo sumo, solo ocasionalmente algún fic/original sobre pasa las 5.000 máximas y se va hasta las 10.000 o más, siendo usualmente de varios capítulos.
>Eso me coloca en un pequeño predicamento.Verán, yo hago mis backups a por diversas razones.Resumen de ellas:
Blah blah blah )
>¿Qué predicamento, Lena? Pues que me atasqué en mis fics del 2010 ._. Salvo de fandoms actuales, lo viejo que poco me obsesionaba lo dejé estar y ahora tengo que subir al Despropósito los productos de los últimos tres años. Digamos que son trescientas historias y sé que me equivoco, pero debería ser suficiente como para que entiendan por qué facepalmeo~
>Son más de mil historias y a eso sumémosle que debo editar por el formato al menos la mitad, sino más. Y de ello, cuarenta mínimo debo re-escribirlas, ya que Blogsome se suicidó sin avisar. Eso me lleva a anunciar que probablemente no participe en Reto diario para completar mis cien subidas empezando en Enero como había planeado, a pesar de haber terminado mi Tabla Kabbalah, autodiseñada para eso. Aunque inicialmente, iba a terminar este año y a hacerlo de nuevo en el 2013.
<Y es que a todas estas responsabilidades se agregan la de que me prometí -allá por el 2008, cuando tenía solo unas doscientas historias en mi humilde haber- que al llegar a las mil, si lo hacía, tendría que pasar en limpio mis originales.Del mismo modo en el que me juré dos años antes de eso que si para el 2016 no tenía NADA original escrito que más o menos valiera la pena, me dedicaría a otra cosa >_> (no puedo creer que esté TAN cerca de la fecha límite.Tengo que ponerle ganas con las tres Nanos del año que viene) Ya he comenzado a hacerlo:Aquí están casi todos mis trabajos de los últimos dos años o al menos esos que no me daban demasiada vergüenza, en formato pdf y corregidos xD El resto...he decidido que me dedicaré durante el 2013 a intentar editar lo salvable de ser preciso y eliminar el resto, a fin de hacer lo mismo.
Con eso supongo que mi "hiatus" en actividades fandomeras es comprensible,¿no? xD En fin...tengo que irme, así que sin más, les doy permiso para envidiarme :D
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[De modo que puedo seguir lockeando la opción de los comentarios, total, no es que no tengan forma de contactarme xD]
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Here is also to download if you can't/don't want to hear it from there :D
I just realized [while re-reading "The Karnau tapes" for a paper,a novel where main character goes yadayadayada about voice recording, because he thinks that human leaves a part of their souls there or at least he's paid to investigate for the Führer] that I don't update with something where I put my voice since at least five years ago and that time it was just a line to say "Hi,I'm Lena and this is my voice" xD I remember a meme that I couldn't do almost three years after but I didn't have a microphone back then, only my mp3 and it was broken. I didn't feel like going to a cyber-cafe either.
I got a proper microphone (better said: I retrieved one I used to have with my first computer and that now Maria wasn't needing) and I started to use it for my French lessons and to talk with my ex-net-girlfriend.A friend I met at Livemocha told me that she would like to try Skype and so we did it.Fun xD So I thought about doing this :D
Plot details~ )
But here is the whole story in Spanish (original) if you want to read it.Lena scanned it since she couldn't find any links to the anthology :D
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I did the Nano with original work, though not a novel and most of my long-term projects aren't finished or even at half road to the end.
The only failing is that I wanted to reach the goal on my birthday, as self-given gift.
It's okay.I need to relax a little and study for my exams, which I'm starting to take the next week until mid-december.
Today is Brisa's birthday and I baked brownies but these are too pallid for my taste D: I don't know if it was the chocolate (I brought some on sale and it's not the best game quality I have had in a while) or the strawberry liquor I got, which wasn't in the original recipe...but almost ALL what Lena cooks has strawberry liquor if it's sweet or white wine if it's salty xD It gets good results most of time ;_; 
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One of my private students often mutters happily/angrily (to himself, rather than to me, I think):It seems to be done on porpoise! [When the circumstances seem to be on his favor or no] Having in consideration what dates I have for exams and how..."light" is this year November's for me (the tests I will be taking are vendettas of the ones I failed on July/August), I could just imitate him because I wrote my papers already and since I didn't have an absence day up to a week ago, I can stay to try to fulfill what it's left from my [attempt of] Nano.
Boys are so cruel
So don't let them find you...tonight
And girls are so vain
So put them behind you...tonight

I'll cast you a spell
Which will make everyone plays dead forever
And after tonight
They'll never remind you...

~Birthday massacre~
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...that baking muffins for her College mates would be a lovely idea.
(I hate that bunch of bastards attending class with me, but after five days without sleep I feel like if I'm drunk all the time and when I'm drunk, everyone is my friend.You can guess why do I do my best to not drink in public places)
Half of them didn't like sweet things or were dieting but the others ate the twenty little cakes I prepared.
"Wait a're not like Circe, are you?", a guy asked me while chewing.
"Even if I was, that is your fourth muffin, isn't it?", I laughed.
No, I didn't poison their food, not even with cockroaches.Well, if I did it, I don't remember.
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I hate sleep.But sleep always comes.That or madness.
Johnny, the homicidal maniac-Jhonen Vasquez.
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I didn't know why at first lol And even now I'm not sure.I thought it was the abbreviation of "Ayano" and that it could come after some character but when I decided it suddenly, Akito wasn't out yet and I wasn't a fan of Kangerou days as I'm now ._. Apparently, it's not just a japanese name, actually, if Wikipedia is saying the truth:

Aya is a female name with multiple meanings in different languages. Aya (あや, アヤ) is a common female Japanese given name. Meaning "Design" "Art" or "Beautiful" Aya is also an Arabic female name written as آية meaning "sign", "miracle", or "verse." A'ya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means "to fly swiftly." or "Bird"
In Old German Aya Means "Sword"
There is also an African Adinkra symbol called an Aya which is a fern, it is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.

The underlined meanings are the ones I liked most.Aya:a little piece of art, a miracle, a bird, a sword and a leaf.Everything mine.It kinda fits.
Common sense
:Where is the point in writing if no one is going to read it, Lena?
*shrugs* I wish I could tell.I have this impulse and I follow it but I do my best to have something like an answer for the boring and elemental ones who often ask such thing, no offense. The doing itself is the point, I guess.
I used to be even more sincere while expressing myself in this media.As I used to take the bother in arguing with the ones that I considered of my own kind irl.I came to realize that it's useless most of time, since the people is often self centred, selfish and ignorant.I don't waste my time anymore.But that would cover the second point rather than the first one, right?
I prefer to write privately what I think and feel, what happened to me, what I remember about certain matters.I don't have close friends to talk about it irl or family.The ones who should accomplish with this role showed me to be prejudiced before and I'm not exposing myself again to a judgment with someone who has no right over me and barely knows me anyway.
I feel...relaxed after writing a couple pages.
It purifies me, maybe?
I'm not even thinking in who is going to read it and I believe that if this is ever happening, it will be after my death, probably a relative and surely that person won't know about what the hell I was writing or may not have no interest in reading any further after realizing that Aya is a diary.
Period: my handwriting is tricky.Sometimes I can't say myself what I wrote.If someone else ever tries to unveil it, that person would have to take a while to guess.And Lena isn't THAT woa.What is written there is probably of use only for me, as recalling, since I have bad memory, specially when it comes to bad or good things, and so it's with dreams.
I need to remember who I'm and why, what I'm doing and why, who is the people that I love and respect.The diary, Aya, is a tool to achieve such goals and nothing more, today, at least. To me, at least. Frap somewhere else, Mikami~
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I don't need to say that I'm not showing all what I'm writing, right?
The daughter who is an only child will toil in the fields,
In the unchangeable past; in the never coming future
Her fruitless behaviour, will you laugh at it?
If that is so, then you truly are in hapiness...

~Yield-Sound horizon~
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For each one that I take, I buy a cat. Not a living feline, of course xD (poor Tebas, I don't think he would like to be but the only child that purrs) A miniature one or a plush.Sometimes both.There's a giant wooden one which was brought by my mother when Johan died (my old laptop.Still angsty, since I lost a lot of what I wrote and I'm still slightly sad since I could re-write very little the last time I did the Nano) and a golden one that she gave me for when I take the FCE.
That two were expensive.Not so much as a new computer, my grandma pointed it but far much more of what I usually spent in my kitties:twenty pesos.But having in consideration the economical crisis in my country=things are costing more and more as the days go by, I'm flexible until we reach the thirty or so~(the craft fair in El tigre is great to find my treasures <3)
However, I failed at three exams last call.Okay, two but I didn't try with the third one after failing two, since I can only afford that rights (one hundred and twenty pesos each one) in December. Which means that I needed three cats.Since I don't consider this first part of the semester heavy as the last (and let's not forget that I will be writing the Nano and preparing myself to take again these two failed exams,ugh), I went on shopping to find something pretty. cats.
I didn't want them since I was still annoyed for my failures and I decided to try something different: notebooks.Of paper xD For my translations:I started two news from french to spanish and I re-took another.Since I do this to practice languages, I use old papers to write:expired agendas of Lidia/my siblings or cousins, old exercise books from school and torn pages of each one, even unfinished/never touched account books that Nono had for his capital. Of course, this source had to run out soon or later and that happened the last monday, to be exact.
Read more to know why do I think that the Universe wants me insane... )
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Do you want to hear the good ones first, yay? I finished my editing of the master list,containing all what I have done up to this journal.
What about the bad ones? *SIGHS*
Well, there's still like one hundred dead links (Blogsome, Inksome and Vox) to be replaced/rewritten lol
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Fuck this rotten brain of fujoshi >_>It took me a while (re-read it three times) but I understood finally that it wasn't possible. Thankfully I have common sense~(chained in a cage,hungry, crying day and night "Lena, let me out already, it's cold and I'm dirty and I know you need me, what about my children and wife, my job and what is going to happen with you if we are not together", smelly and thin.But you all know how is to have a captive, I don't want to bore you) *sighs*
Oh, fandom, where is the material about these two? Mosquito was just an old man in the anime, but manga makes him a bishonen. Where is the non-con and tales of kidnapping? He even drank Kid's blood in a very interesting way after almost defeat him. I loved that scene. doujinshis?No stories of any kind for them?I'm really disapointed, fandom.I need to teach you a lesson, soon or later.
And you, internet, you have failed to me. I thought we had something too T_T
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...que era lo más grande que tenía a mano en el escritorio lol Y por algún motivo, ni bien la maté se me ocurrió decir "gracias", estando sola en la habitación ._.
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This one.I read books about palmistry years ago (Is "fuck off" a religion? Because if it's, then please respect my current beliefs) but I don't recall so many things as I do with tarot cards or astrology.I only wanted to know if I would have kids.Lena wasn't interested back then while now she remembered something about the marriage lines and where there are supposed to be the ones that say if you're going to have children.
Well?It's the only thing that this program avoided and I had to look for it by myself lol (apparently, I have only one line after the divorce/death of my lover=a kid.An adopted daughter maybe?Or so I hope)
Most of the other detailed sounds IC, though.
I don't take it seriously but it's good to be entertained for five minutes or so~
Lena's palm reading over here )
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De acuerdo, no era lo que yo esperaba después de ver el trailer.Quizás porque si hubiesen sido más explícitos acerca de la trama, hubieran pinchado el suspenso y vendido menos entradas, sin duda alguna.Lo cual no hace que la película, dentro de su tópico y para ese estudio, sea mala en absoluto.Es solo que NO es Mulán ni una versión femenina de Robin Hood en Escocia, abandonando su hogar para ir a la guerra y salvar a su clán, solo en caso de que creyeras algo parecido debido a los avances.En todo caso, los lazos familiares y la independencia femenina son los temas principales de la película.
¿Esos son mensajes viejos para transmitir en el siglo XXI? Si, estoy de acuerdo.Pero pensándolo bien, no me viene a la mente ningún film infantil (occidental, al menos) en el que la protagonista (NO el interés romántico de la estrella) se rehúse a casarse por arreglo a no ser para terminar con alguien a quien ya haya elegido en el nombre del amor, la justicia y la magia de Disney.
Lee ms detalles sobre el argumento y alguna que otra defenestracin )
Puntaje:Cuatro gatos de cinco~
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But take into account that I live in a world where Ryoko is the main heroine <3 I hated Kyon already for the Summer repetitions. And I bet that the amount of suicides in Japan increased with the second season of this show. I can't imagine how much of a bother must be to wait a week for the very same episode with slight changes, which ends with Kyon complaining before dropping the burden to his 'next self', ugh.
(I don't think that I could be one of this loyal fans, at least not for Haruhi. I just liked the first season and I went for the second because I couldn't figure out that would turn into something SO heavy and boring)
But Lena almost didn't see the last episodes, actually. I was between keep watching it as when I cut six months before due to kill them all mode on~ yangire issues (well,you can't play with your mental health while doing the Nano or so I heard) or going fast forward. I don't think that I missed any important matter and if I did it...well, not my (main) fandom~
I'm just in love with Asakura and she's a prime girl, so be it.
Awww...My little and cheerful Ryoko. Stabbing Kyon. And dancing! Spilling his blood from her knife in circles! All over Yuki's face, while swearing that she's going to protect her. lol (Kyon is Yuki's friend or love interest,relying on your view point, and the reason for her to develop human feelings) I may read a few stories now, since I obviously have a yuri otp. And I only like Kyon when he's with Koizumi xD Haruhi is too good for any of them, so...go for her, Wolverine.I know you two belong each other.
( all know how the things do work on my blog, right, readers?)
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...poner en orden tags aquí y la lista maestra.Por no hablar de rendir finales y asistir a otros de oyente.
A Lena también le gustaría seguir sustituyendo los ya molestos links rotos a Inksome y Vox.El día en que termine, quizás haga lo mismo con los de Blogsome.Argh, cómo odio cuando no mandan avisos de que cierren una página.Vox y GJ se tomaron la molestia de no dar por supuesto que todos los malditos usuarios chequean mensualmente la comunidad oficial/página de inicio.Que yo entraba de vez en cuando por borradores o a editar pero no revisé eso porque suele estar sobrecargado de ofertas nada relevantes.Hasta lo considero una venganza para los que no tienen cuentas pagas.
Con Inksome me dejé estar porque crei que al ser un clón de LJ como GJ harían lo mismo si daban de baja.Error.Con Blogsome...en algún momento dejé de usarlo porque no ofrecía backup sin complicaciones mayores,a diferencia de DW,Blogger y Wordpress. El problema es que yo estaba convencida de que había guardado en un archivo de Word las ochenta entradas de ahí.Pero debe haberse traspapelado cuando aún tenía a Johan, porque entre lo que salvé dentro de Stein, no hay nada.*sighs* ¿Saben qué significa eso? Sip.Son cuarenta historias que tendré que reescribir si quiero que sobrevivan.Casi la mitad de mi Reto diario del 2010-2011.*sighs again* Bueno, no puedo dejarme atormentar por esto.Tengo la intención de reescribirlo todo, sea porque son mis bebés, también puesto que son respuestas a tablas que pretendo completar tarde o temprano.Todos sabemos que será más tarde que temprano, sin embargo xD Lena es consciente de que no serán los mismos trabajos, desde luego.Pero al menos espera que guarden la idea principal.Y quién sabe, quizás hasta queden mejor :D
Con respecto a los cambios en otras webs... )
Hablando de la falta de atención de los lectores...adiós,Code.Ya tengo a editar el último fic que escribí el año pasado.Estamos divorciándonos oficialmente.Así que llévate a los niños antes de que los mate.
(Ni siquiera estoy segura de que sean hijos míos,¿saben?Quizás los dió a luz una bruja quemada en la hoguera el siglo XVIII durante una de mis prolongadas ausencias)
Nemo ante mortem beatus )
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El clickear es perjudicial para la salud )
En fin...le doy tres gatos, de cinco o.o Quizás hagan luego una continuación que una los cabos sueltos aunque eso no hará que la resolución original de esta mejore.
(it could be stars but cats are always better)
Y mañana voy a clases por última vez este semestre.SOLO a entregar un último paper que debo para una regularidad que me cerraron con esa condición.Todavía tendría que ir el sábado ocho horas lol Pero no me da el cuerpo ni la mente.Lena va a terminar matándolos a todos con un lápiz.Porque claro, ¡soy joven!Con esfuerzo y determinación puedo lograrlo todo :D (Que se vayan a la mierda.Estoy HARTA y no creo que me afecte realmente en nada) Y que conste que hasta el lunes no pienso estudiar nada, señores.Rascarme, damas y caballeros, es imperioso justo ahora <3 

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So, Percy, you're walking out of a haunted -by man eating creatures that can only be killed by fire- Camelot .You have a torch, which is enough to protect yourself and maybe, some commoner wandering around.One, maybe two.Not three little kids crying in a dirty and dark alley that won't make it without your aid.What do you do after thinking about it for a second, once your comrades are almost gone away without you?
Okay.You won.I like you.I said I would not do it after you appeared out of nowhere with almost no lines putting aside the brief ones in which you were introduced.Sorry, I'm picky when it comes to the Arthurian legends.I didn't wanted to watch the show in first place because of this.King Arthur and no Percival or Elaine?It was a nonono, since you two were my favorite characters.I kinda shipped you with Elaine because Lancelot was a bastard in the children's versions that I read as a little girl.On the other hand, you were good with the ladies, you loved your mother and started as a commoner, with a pure heart and a great Destiny."I kill all what I see", was also touching.


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